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Archives | Heraldica Blog

Colors of Heraldry

Today, I found more information about the colors used in heraldry. These are the colors used in the shields. We commented already on what names are assigned to colors in heraldry. For example; The color “gold” doesn’t change, and according to heraldry, anyone...

Heraldry on Pause

Hello As you may have been noticed the blog has been inactive for a few days now.  Some of you know already but my father had to go through surgery about 10 days ago.  It was a double surgery and had its risks.  He is doing much better today.  He is recuperating very...

Becoming a Knight

In the Medieval Age the knights were not noble in a principle; they were men that had the means to maintain horses and with them to participate in the wars, and the kings paid their services granting them privileges like to the infanzones and hidalgos. This came to...