Colors of Heraldry

Colors of HeraldryToday, I found more information about the colors used in heraldry. These are the colors used in the shields.

We commented already on what names are assigned to colors in heraldry.

For example;

The color “gold” doesn’t change, and according to heraldry, anyone that has this color in his shield, his is forced do good for the poor, defend his princes, and fight for them until the last drop of blood.

The case of “silver” is the same as gold’s. Anyone who uses it in his shield, he will have to defend the maidens and to aid the orphans.

In the case of the color “red” they call it “gules.” The person that takes this color for his shield, he is forced to aid, help and defend the wrongly oppressed.

“Blue” is called “azure.” In this case, the one that takes this color for his shield is forced to aid the faithful servants of their princes that were not paid for their services.

The black color is called “sable”, and the one that takes it in their weapons, will aid the widows, the orphans, the clergymen, and the people of letters that suffer injustice and oppression.

The green color is called “sinople”, and the gentleman that takes this color in his shield will be forced to aid the farmers in general as well as the oppressed orphans and poor.

The purple color is called púrpura and the one that takes it in his weapons will be forced to aid the clergymen and the religious.

Written by Eduardo Jesus Farias Ramos
Translated by EJ Jr.

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