Tapia Family Crest

Hello, today we have  the family crest of the last name Tapia, as you may have noticed, today I am posting earlier than usual, since my son Gustavo, his wife and my grandson’s “el bandido” are eating dinner with us (rico pollo en escabeche prepared by my daughter)  They threaten to stay the rest of the day (good). Here is the family crest.

It is a very old last name that extended along the Peninsula, passing into America.

tapiaAmong the conquistadores of Mexico, don Andrés de Tapia appears as the partner of Hernán Cortés, since he was of noble family, he was caballerizo of Colón. He previously was in the island of Cuba and then moved to Mexico, where he became part of Hernán Cortés’ expedition . Another conqueror was don Cristóbal de Tapia who arrived in America on 1522, as a captain. He participated in numerous warlike actions earning him the position of Extraordinary Receiver of the Real Audience. On October 4th of 1623, King Don Felipe IV granted the title of Count of Vastameroli to don Francisco Tapia y Leiva who was already Count of the Vasto.
Its Arms: In silver three strips of azure, gules bordure, with seven crosses of gold.



  1. Cool! so is that like basically the crest for all the Tapia family (just asking) because my last name is Tapia and I”m trying to find out as much as i Can on my ancestory


    Cryss T

  2. Hi, Cryss! I’m Tapia too according to my mum’s family. My Grandad was Tomas Tapia born in Lesaka (Navarre, Spain). All of our ancestors have been located in Lesaka ( Navarre, Spain ) for at least the last 800 years. Sure it is interesting to you.

  3. My wife is a descendant (Great Grand Niece) of Alejandro Tapia Rivera) of Puerto Rico. Question is which one of these distinguished explorers is part of her ancestestry?

  4. hi there. i am a tapia from the philippines.

  5. Torres Crespo,

    Sometimes it is hard to tell your true origins. Many of our visitors have engaged in serious research endeavors in order to figure out theory origins. My recommendation is to talk to the elders of your clan or family. They do have more information than you and this should help. Another tip is to invite as many people with the same last name to our site in order to share their ancestry information and eventually you will be able connect the dots.

  6. Hi My family is the Tapia family from Curimeo Michoacan Mexico My family is very big and my ancestors left a lot of History behind. Like being president four times during the time of the revolution. From what I hear my Grandpa Ucevio Tapia regulated the bandits who would still cattle, rape and even kill innocent people. This happen in the small town of Curimeo Michoacan Mexico and is very interesting where our last name comes from. It seems like the Tapia’s have something for the military or the arm forces just like our ancestors from Spain did, that is interesting I will continue to keep track of this website to see how many Tapias’ I meet.

  7. Hey Sammy ,my grandfather (Augustine Tapia 1908-2001)was from the same town. He had to leave after a big fued that his father was killed in around 1924. I am 1 of 35 grandchildren and part of more than a hundred of his descendants that stretch across California. I wonder if we have a possible relation

  8. hi to all the Tapia’s on this web site and all other web sites
    my name is Francisco Javier Tapia Jr. as far as i know my grandfather and other members of family say we come from the decendents of vascos in spain i am still working to exactly find out where all family members are in mexico and in spain it would be really awesome to find new relatives, what i do know in michoacan, veracruz,estado de mexico, and so on in california will keep in touch

  9. Hola Todo. i’m a Tapia from Puerto Rico, Can’t say i know too much of my family tree, but its interesting the information I’m Gathering from reading these comments.

  10. I’m a member of the Tapia family and I want to know if there is more than one crest to the name I have seen two already the one above and another from a different website feel free to reply to my comment

  11. Grace and Peace to you all, Wow this site is GREAT!!!!
    I’m also a Tapia. My grandfather was Macario Tapia from Puruandiro, Michuacan my understing is that my grandfathers family is from Spain and we have a link to a person in San Bernardino,CA who had lots of land and even had a larg winery. The only person that I have located with such history in that area is a man called Tiburcio/Marselino Tapia My dad said that he remembers my grandfather always comming to CA and visiting uncles. And my Grandmother died when my father was 3-4 yrs old in Puruandiro,Mich. My grandfather had a large family here goes,
    Caritina Tapia alive in Laredo
    Salude Tapia alive in Michuacan/Calif
    Francisca (paca) Tapia (died 2009)
    Luis Tapia alive in Michuacan
    Tico Tapia (died)
    Moises Tapia alive in CA
    Macario Tapia alive in CA
    It would be great to know of any links you may have!
    God Bless You

  12. HI My Last name is Tapia My mom Last name is tapia. All of my Family member Last name are Tapia. My mom has told me Story About the name. She said that it once was a family Clan. please Reply..

  13. My Grandma used to tell us the story of two brothers Jesus Tapia and Francisco Tapia who came from Spain they both where married before they moved to Sahuaripa Sonora Mexico they both had kids and engaged them since they where kids, when older they married so my grandma and my granddad where cousins Nicolas Tapia and Genoveva Tapia therefore my Dad and all his sisters are named Tapia Tapia. She said that his parent did not want the family to mix with native Mexican. I would like to someday find more information about my family tree specially since our anscestor must be very close to spain, but I don’t know which provice in spain they where from.

  14. hi
    i am proud to have the last name TAPIA
    my grandpas name is Aurelio TAPIA
    my grandmas name is Maria TAPIA
    my aunts name is Rosse TAPIA
    my aunts name is Bertha TAPIA
    MY aunts name is Veronica TAPIA
    my uncles name is Pablo TAPIA
    my uncles name is Aurelio JR TAPIA
    my uncles name is Jose TAPIA
    my uncles name is Noe TAPIA
    my aunts name is Olga TAPIA
    my uncles name is Rodrigo TAPIA
    my grandpa and grandma were born in MICHOACAN

  15. Hey Sammy ,my grandfather (Augustine Tapia 1908-2001)was from the same town. He had to leave after a big fued that his father was killed in around 1924. I am 1 of 35 grandchildren and part of more than a hundred of his descendants that stretch across California. I wonder if we have a possible relation
    Im Daniel Tapia, im the grandson of Agustin Tapia (1908-2001) He was from Curimeo, Michoacan, if your the grandson then we are cousins, Im still in southern california and i still visit my grandpas house in Mira Loma, get back at me.

  16. Hola yo tambien soy un Tapia hijo de Herasmo Tapia y mi padre es de
    de Yucatan , y no se si eso pueda ser una coneccion con esa gran cadena de antesedentes familiares pero algo puede ser.

  17. Great site. My family are Tapias from the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, (the majority from a small town called Cerritos). We’re spread all over the US. I’d like to know if anyone out there comes from our area…

  18. proud to be a tapia my family come from mazatlan sinaloa and we live in phoenix arizona i got family in 5 states in the U.S california,arizona,colorado,utah,georgia

  19. Hi My Great Grand father was Jesus Ygnacio Tapia

    Jesus Ignacio Tapia (1853-1931) married (in 1888)
    Socorro Carmelo (1875-1902)

    They lived in San Diego Bear Valley Township (now Valley center San Diego) in 1900 and the children went to The Sherman Institute (indian school) they had several children

    Emilia Tapia (1891-1923) married in 1909 Antonio Vargas Garcia my great grandparents
    Ygnacio Tapia (1892
    Theresa Tapia (1895
    Hortence Tapia (1897-1923
    Mike Tapia (1898-
    Lucy Tapia (1899-

    When Socorro Carmelo died in 1902 in San Bernadino he remairred and had two more children

    I know that Jesus Ygnacio Tapia lived in Vernon california
    and died in 1930

    I am trying to find anything about my family. I know they had a connection to St Joseph’s in San Diego (that is where they baptized Emilia

    Jesus Ygnacio Tapia also had a few relatives that had sent pictures and they wrote a few names now sure of the connection on each but Victoria Tapia could have been a mother or aut and a cousin could be Sorenzo Yeseas or Lizie Tapia from San Jose,CA and possibly Norma Tapia sister?

    any help would be great THANKS!

  20. Hey you guys this is so awesome I’m proud to be tapia as well my dads side is tapia and we are from Tepic,Nayarit and live in Cudahy, California we are a big family!! I’m so happy and surprised where this last name comes from because I don’t know if I have ancestors from Spain but it would be great if I did!!! Thanks :)

  21. Im also proud to be a Tapia. It’s cool to learn more about my origins. I live in Texas.
    My family comes from Mexico City, Mexico. Thank you guys for the info.

  22. hi i was never really told about my ancestry my grandmother gloria juarez tapia died seven years ago she was born in taxo mexico . my grend father jesus tapia but goes by luciano in mexico he currently lives there so i cant ask him any questions.they had five kids benjamin tapia, maxamino tapia, emigdia tapia, santiago tapia and dolores tapia . there the only family i know so it would be nice to get to know my whole family

  23. Hello my fathers name was Everardo Tapia Mendoza and my grandfathers name is Gilberto Tapia. Wich come from ziracuarendiro Michoacan Mexico. Im very proud to be a Tapia.

  24. My grandfather Jose Ramon Tapia is from Morelia Michoacan, my grandmother tells me that my great grandparents (Tapia) were from Spain and I currently live in Illinois

  25. Well hello family! You have a ice cold Canadian lady in Ontario, whose now deceased Father was Martin B. Tapia and he had a brother Joseph (Arizona) and Rey (California). I was born here but know that my Grandfather was a Mexican general who decided to fight alongside that of Zapata. I lived in Mexico City on and off for several years as a child. My Dad was an extremely handsome, tall man with the fire of the Latin :) The apple does not fall far from the tree!
    There is a cousin whose name is Joseph Tapia who is a concert pianist with many sisters. I love our crest. I do not have a website but please email me at any time-would love to hear from any of you!

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