Bayona Family Crest

Good evening, here is the family crest of the last name Bayona.

bayonaOld last name of Navarra with houses in Pamplona, Aoíz and Tafalla. By the middle of the XV century it was the head of the branch vizcondal of Bayona, in the mentioned Kingdom. Juan de Bayona married doña María Miguet de Berrant, gentlemen of Rocafort, and they had Martin Bayona. Don Pedro de Bayona y Villanueva, natural of Alfaro, entered in Santiago’s Order on 1674. Don Francisco Bayona Sarriá, natural of Pamplona, entered in the Order of San Juan de Jerusalem on 1566. The Real Tribunal of Navarrese recognized on 1766 the nobility of don Pedro Fermín de Bayona y Eguía, neighbor of Aoíz.
Its Arms: In silver field, a gules bande, accompanied in the high of a sinople tree, with two sable wolves to the foot of the trunk, stopped and confronted; and in the low of another wolf, also of sable; sinople bordure; a second gules bordure.



  1. hi i just want to know the family of mine cause i am also a Bayona thanks to know u…

  2. i just want to know our origins and where it comes from

  3. Good morning all,

    The last name of my mother is Bayona Castroviejo, and she told us that her family came from Sevilla. And also, she said that her father was conde. I would like to know about it. Please if it is possible for you e-mail this information.


  4. Hi I am also a Bayona and very interested in knowing my family crest. Thank you.

  5. i wanna know my bayona origin this is for my history project pls help

  6. Hi, My mother also told me that our ancesters are of royal blood line. and her last name was Bayona as well. can you please send me more information about it please. Thank you

  7. Never meet my father but i have his name Jose Richard de Bayona i was born in 1974 in Los Angeles , Ca. If you can help let me now

  8. i thougt there is only few bayona but i don’t know that we are to many

  9. I am a bayona and i am very interested in my family crest, i wish i could just build like a clan you know, i live in canada quebec , the only thing in know about my family is that my ancestry is spanish,henceforth i speak spanish,i researched and i found that the bayona s are from bayona,pontevedra,galicia(spain) and i have family that is in spain. I would like to meet all the bayona s, so we can like join up. very glad to know that we are many :)

  10. I am a bayona and I am interested in my family crest…bayona are wellknown here in the philippines,spcially in the town of barotac nuevo,iloilo philippines…

  11. hello po to all d bayona people…may kakilala po kayong dante bayona?tga ilo-ilo po xa,,nasa 50′s na cguro age nya..seaman dw xa dati,,,
    ,,im not sure about his background,,im lookinh for my long lost father,,nag babaka sakali lng po ako,,wat if i’ll find him through internet,,thanks po!!

  12. Have a nice day I’m also bayona my family origin in barotac nuevo iloilo

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