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Another Interpretation for Black (Sable)

Today, I will present you a coat of arms to put on consideration the interpretation of colors in heraldry. Galician last name, a branch happened to Extremadura and Andalucía. Descends from the knight Méndez Sorodea, father of Payo Méndez Sorodea, whose son Men Páez populated the valley of Soto, and called him Sotomayor There exists another version, a tragic one by the way; a knight under the service of the first-born of the kingdom of Galicia was conversing with the infant in a beautiful grove while throwing the lance. The infant was reached by a lance that the knight threw. The infant died. The knight appeared before the king and communicating such misfortune to him, he presented his sword to the king and requested to be killed. Due to such nobility and loyalty the king pardoned the knight. The king ordered the knight to change to black the red bars on his shield, so he could live the pain of such misfortune. Its arms: On silver field three strips with two orders of jaqueles of gold and gules, separated by a saber bar. As you may have read on the information for the coat of arms showed above, the red bars on the shield were changed to black due to the incident with the royal infant. I believe that the interpretation of the color in this case is different when compared with the previous post (COLOROS OF HERALDRY). In the mentioned post the interpretation of colors was applied when using those colors on the entire shield or on its partitions. In the case of the knight that killed the...

Benitez – Family Crest

Benitez. The illustrious line of Benitez had its origins and ancient site in the Cantabrian mountains, where it has spread to other points of these realms, particularly in Andalusia. Its arms: Shield of gold and green oak tree with two wolves of sable raised to the oak, one on each side of the trunk, frame of  azure; with eight stars of gold. Nobiliario de los Reinos y Señoríos de España By D. Francisco Piferrer Volume IV, page 82, Num. 1661 Madrid,...