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B – Family Crests

Family Crests on Alphabetical Order




Benitez – Family Crest

Benitez. The illustrious line of Benitez had its origins and ancient site in the Cantabrian mountains, where it has spread to other points of these realms, particularly in Andalusia. Its arms: Shield of gold and green oak tree with two wolves of sable raised to the...

Bermudez – Family Crest

Bermudez. Very illustrious lineage of Galicia, which proceeded the brave warrior Pedro Bermudez, who was nephew of the Cid, and defeated in combat  the infantes of Carrion. A line of ancient lineage Bermudez accquired the lordship of the town of Grimaldo, in...

Barberena – Family Crest

Barberena. Navarro surname, place of Oreyegui, town hall-Arana Bertiz judicial district of Pamplona. The Royal Court of Navarre acknowledged in 1719 the nobility of Don Jose and Don Antonio de Barberena, residents of Valencia. Its Arms: Azure, a mermaid on water with...

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