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Round Tables

Where am I from really?, What is my ancestry?, What are my roots?, Who are my ancestors?, Am I part of history? If you have asked yourself these or other questions regarding the past or origins of your family, this section is for you. How do the ROUND TABLES work? Step 1: People of the same last name share all information they may have about their family and ancestors. Step 2: People invite more people with the same last name to this section in order to share family and ancestry information. Step 3: As information becomes available you may be able to start connecting the dots and track down your true origins. Where do I Start? Step 1: Start by sending a request in the REPLY section of this blog requesting to open a ROUND TABLE with the last name you are researching. Step 2: Share as much information you can about your family and ancestry. Step 3: Continue researching by asking questions to the elders of your family or reviewing old family documents. Step 4: Invite other to participate in this section. The more people the more information will be shared. The more information the faster you will be able to track down the origins of your last name. RULES OF PARTICIPATION 1. Do not provide personal information such as snail address, home phone number, social security number, etc. 2. Do not use profanity or offensive language 3. Do not use this section for commercial...