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G – Family Crests

Family Crests on Alphabetical Order




Galeano – Family Crest

Galeano. Vasque surname. It arms: Shield splitted: 1st. half of gules with a rampant lion in gold; the 2nd. half of gold, with three azur bands. Nobiliario Español By Julio de Atienza Page 386...

Galdames Family Crest

Galdames. Basque name of the place its name, judicial district of Balmaseda (Vizcaya). Don Manuel Galdames of Briton, resident of Alfaro, patent of nobility reached on July 31, 1797. Their arms: In field of gold, four checkered gules, bordure azure with eight gold...

Gardoqui Family Crest

Gardoqui. Basque name, of Bilbao (Vizcaya). Don Diego Maria and Don Juan Ignacio Gardoqui, and Don Cesareo Gardoqui Orueta native all of  Bilbao, entered on the Order of Carlos III, en1791 the first, and in 1816 the last. Don Jose Ramon Gardoqui and Jarabeitia, a...

Galvan Family Crest

Galván. Castilian surname. Manuel Galvan Bujido, a resident of Medina de Rioseco, patent of nobility reached on September 18, 1796. Their arms: In red field, three silver stars, set 2 and 1, in chief, a ranverso crescent, also silver. Nobiliario Español Don Julio de...

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