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L – Family Crests

Family Crests on Alphabetical Order




Lagarda – Family Crest

Lagarda. Noble ancient lineage in Aragon, Navarre and the Basque Provinces. Its arms: Coat of silver and golden fruit tree; bordure green and a silver chain. Nobiliario de los Reinos y Señoríos de España By D. Francisco Piferrer Volume IV, page 90, Num. 1680 Madrid,...

Lema Family Crest

Lema. Last Galician near La Coruna. Their arms: In a green field, a lion rampant; bordure gules, with eight gold saltires. Nobiliario Español Don Julio de Atienza Page 481...

Lara Family Crest

Count Don Nuño González de Lara, accompanied King Don Garcia in the battle of Tafalla, on 1043. His grandson and successor Don Nuño González de Lara, served with distinction and unblemished loyalty to King Don Alfonso VI, was governor of Lara, Mena and Asturias; had...

Losa Family Crest

In Old Castile, in the mountains of Burgos, in the town of Losa, settled the site of this noble lineage, whose children have always been, and everywhere held and considered noble and notorious people, many of them have been distinguished in service of our kings in all...

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