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M – Family Crests

Family Crests on Alphabetical Order




Mendiola – Family Crest

Mendiola. Basque family name, from the judicial party of Guernica (Vizcaya). Proved its nobility in the Royal Chancery of Valladolid in the years 1786 and 1830. Its arms: Shield of gold with a green tree, two sable wolves at the trunk, bordure of gules with eight...

Mendocino – Family Crest

Mendocino. Las Name of Mendoza, according to Argote de Molina, was the first to break the chains and used them as arms, Today, Mendocinos use the chains with 20 water-lily leaf of silver. Its Arms: Shield of gules and gold chains pierced on top and base crossed and a...

Muñiz – Family Crest

Muñiz. Asturian family name. Nobility proved in the Order of Santiago in the years 1539 and 1757, of Charles III in 1788, and numerous times in the Royal Chancery of Valladolid and the Royal Court of Oviedo. Don Alonso Muniz Caso and Osorio was made Marquis of Campo...

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