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N – Family Crests

Family Crests on Alphabetical Order




Niño – Family Crest

Niño. The knights of the kind of Niño are well known in Valladolid, Toledo and Guadalajara, and in many other places, with houses and primogeniture, They are descendants of Count of Añover and Arcos, of Mora and the Marquis of Camarasa, and many other knights of these...

Nazarov Family Crest

Nazarov. Name of Russian origin. armss: In a silver field, a cross azure, at all costs, charged with a six-pointed star of gold in the center. Data provided by Don Vicente Piedras...

Navarrete Family Crest

Good evening, today I am posting the family crest of the last name Navarrete. Last name of origin riojano, descending from Pedro Rodríguez, knight of Navarrete’s village, where he took his last name, and passed to the conquest of Baeza, on 1227. Don Alfonso de...

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