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O – Family Crests

Family Crests on Alphabetical Order




Obrador Fámily Crest

Obrador. Last Asturian widespread throughout the peninsula. Their arms: In a field gules, a chevron of gold, surmounted by a silver star and a castle based on the same metal. Nobiliario Español de don Julio de Atienza Page 575...

Otero Family Crest

Otero. Last Castilian. He proved his nobility various times in the Royal Chancery of Valladolid and the Royal Court of Oviedo. Their arms: Azure, a tower of stone bordure gules, with eight gold blades. Nobiliario Español de don Julio de Atienza Pag. 598...

Ordóñez Family Crest

Good afternoon, as per Mr. Luis Ordóñez Ibargüén’s request, today I have for you the family crest of the last name Ordóñez. Tomorrow, God willing, I will post the family crest  of the last name Ibargüén. Greetings to our friends visiting our blog at this time...

Orozco Family Crest

Good evening,  I am back, after showing my grandson pictures with the pretext of speaking about Pancho Villa, I am here to present you the Orozco Family Crest. This last name is of Vasco origin, descending from the old Señores de Vizcaya, this lineage proved its...

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