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Borbón Family Crest

Here is another family coat. This one is for the last name Borbon. Enjoy! Lineage of French origin, gave royal dynasties to France, Spain and Italy. The gentlemen of Borbón’s castle camefrom Childebrando. Since 1327 they were Dukes of Borbón, by concession of...

Delaunet Family Crest

Hello, Tonight we are presenting the last name Delaunet. An interesting one since there are specifics on its primitive form and new form. Enjoy! Last name originated in Anjou, France. Its arms were registered after modifying XIV Luis’ ordinance in the year 1696....

Hicks Family Crest

Hicks is an ancient Anglo-Saxon surname that came from the son of Richard. In Old English, patronyms were formed by adding a variety of suffixes to personal names, which changed over time and from place to place. The variations of the surname Hicks include Hicks,...

Wilson Family Crest

The ancient Viking-Scottish name Wilson is derived from the personal name William, and means “son of William” or “son of Wil.” The different spelling variations of wilson include Wilson, Willson, Wilsone, Wulson, Wilsoun and others. First found...

Luther Family Crest

Hello there, today’s first last name of today is the Luther Family Crest. I hope you enjoy it. In mediaeval German “lud” meant “fame” and “liut” or “Leute” meant “people” or “folk;” while...

Ramos Family Crest

This last name extended through the whole Peninsula, and branches passed to America. Don José Antonio Ramos y Fernández, was created Marquis of Casa Ramos de la Fidelidad on April 5, 1815. Don Antonio Ramos de Meneses y Ramírez was created Duke of Baños on July 31,...

Verdejo Family Crest

This old and noble lineage, according to don Julio de Atienza, it is of Castilian origin. The primitive house of this lastname was established in the land of the Montañas de León. Don Fernando de Verdejo, knight of the Sacred Sepulcher, is the oldest person with this...

Cannon Family Crest

Hello, as you can see I am still alive. I have been working on some other exiting projects and I had to stop posting to this blog for some weeks. Among other things I have been working on preparing new Heraldry products for this blog. I am sure you are going to like...

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