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R – Family Crests

Family Crests on Alphabetical Order




Roca – Family Crest

Roca. William Roca fought in France wars against the Moors, the wars between the kings of Castile, de Aragon and de Valencia. He was guarding the castle of Montesa, when the King of Castile showed up with numerous troops to take the castle. Guillermo defended the...

Rizo – Family Crest

Rizo. Castilian family  name, near Laredo (Santander). Tried nobility in the Order of Carlos III in 1795. It arms: Mantled shield,  1st. in gold with two wolfs of sable; 2nd. in silver with a green tree, an the mantled in gules with five water-lily leafs Nobiliario...

Rabayo – Family Crest

Rabayo. The arms held by the gentlemen of the name Rabayo are: Split crest: 1st of gules with a golden castle. The 2nd of gold with a mount in base cypress  and  a lion of gules raised to the trunk, and a fleur-de-lis of same color, placed in the  upper right...

Rea – Family Crest

Rea. Arms: Silver field with a gules eagle head crowned with gold....

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