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S – Family Crests

Family Crests on Alphabetical Order




Segarra – Family Crest

Segarra. During mid IX century, the bizarre Biscayans defended their mountains heroically against attacks by the sarracenos, By election they selected a powerful and brave knight called Fortun Lopez, as their leader, which can be considered as first lord of Biscay. A...

Santander Family Crest

Santander. Last Castilian, the villa its name. He proved his nobility in the Order of Santiago in the years 1629, 1641, 1660 and 1696, and several times in the Royal Chancery of Valladolid. Their arms: On red field a silver castle on waves of azur and silver water ....

Sojo Family Crest

Sojo. A noble family of that name had his palace or solar house in Navarre with these arms: Shield of gold and two lions sable interns, one above the other; bordure gules eight gold saltires. Nobiliario de los Reinos y Señoríos de España By D. Francisco Piferrer...

Sarramea Family Crest

Sarramea. Their arms: Escudo cortado azure on gold, and a cross of one another. Contributed by Don Vicente de la Piedra....

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