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T – Family Crests

Family Crests on Alphabetical Order




Tejada – Family Crest

Ancient and noble lineage, originated in the Sierra de Cameros, half a league from the towns of Wall and gaps in the Rioja. There was the famous house of Tejada. In a battle that freed early ninth century King Alfonso “The Chaste” with the Moors, fought...

Tapia Family Crest

Hello, today we have  the family crest of the last name Tapia, as you may have noticed, today I am posting earlier than usual, since my son Gustavo, his wife and my grandson’s “el bandido” are eating dinner with us (rico pollo en escabeche prepared...

Tellez Family Crest

Good evening, in this occasion we have the family crest of the last name Téllez. Last name of Galician origin, Knights of this lineage proved their nobility numerous times in Santiago’s Order in the year 1528, in the order of Alcántara in the year 1562, as well...

Tejada Family Crest

Good evening, today we have the family crest of the last name Tejada which has an old and special origin. This last name is of very old and very noble lineage,its origin is from the Sierra of Cameros, located near the villages of Muro y Las Lagunas, in the Rioja....

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