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Family Crests on Alphabetical Order




Urrutia Family Crest

Urrutia. The Knights of the surname Urrutia generally hold arms: Shield of gold and a cross like that of Calatrava, in which four panels vert. Nobiliario de los Reinos y Señoríos de España By D. Francisco Piferrer Volume IV, page 130, Num. 1724 Madrid,...

Urbina Family Crest

Good evening, today we have the family crest of the last name Urbina. Last name of Basque origin, descending of the old Señores de Vizcaya. One of the branches founded a new house in Antequera, connecting with the Marquises of Cabriñana, Rozalejo y del Vado; don...

Urquiza Family Crest

Good evening today I am posting the Urquiza Family Crest. Viscaino last name, the columnist don Lope García de Salazar, mentions in his work  “Bienanzas e Fortunas” the four older lineages of  Vizcaya, the Urquiza, Lartal, Galdazano and Ayanguiz, but he doesn’t...

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